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  • Fair Game Admission: Game All Day (January 28, 2-9 PM, Downers Grove))

Admission: Game All Day (January 28, 2-9 PM, Downers Grove))


Join us for our very first Game All Day event from 2-9 PM on January 28 at our Downers Grove location!

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At our first ever Game All Day, we’ll have several games set up to teach you how to play, and Fair Game Staff on hand to teach them! There will also be tables available for open play if you’d like to bring something from home.

This item is the event entry, good for 1 person age 13 and older. Ages 12 and under enjoy free admission with paying adult.


2-4 Players, Ages 12+, 45 min

Created way back in 2008, this timeless board game is often attributed to starting the Cooperative genre of modern board gaming. Players work together to find cures for 4 diseases that are rapidly spreading across the globe. You'll either win or lose as a group; everyone is on the same team. Communication is key, and you'll need to rely on your unique abilities to pull out a win.


1+ players, Ages 13+, 60 min

Tetris meets Yahtzee in this map-making masterpiece from Thunderworks Games in Madison, Wisconsin. Players will score points based on where they decide to add the tetromino areas to their maps. The shapes you'll need to draw, as well as how points are scored, changes every game, making this a very replayable game for teens and adults.

Marvel Dice Throne

2-4 players, Ages 10+, 30 min

An action-packed dice roller, Marvel Dice Throne takes the popular Dice Throne formula and applies it to your favorite super heroes. You'll have 3 chances to roll your specialized dice - think Yahtzee - and you'll pull off exciting moves based on the combination of dice you've rolled. Every character in Dice Throne operates differently, with unique attacks, abilities, resources, and more. Eight Marvel characters have been published (not to mention several years' worth of original Dice Throne characters), giving this straightforward dice game a lot of interesting match-ups that keep you coming back.

King of the Dice: The Board Game

2-4 players, Ages 7+, 30 min

King of the Dice, the simple dice game from Haba Games, adds some more meat on the bone with this re-implementation as a full-fledged board game. Players will try to control large connected areas of the board, but will have to be clever with whatever they roll to do so. King of the Dice: The Board Game is a delightful family board game that lasts long enough to be interesting without overstaying its welcome.

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