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  • Fair Game Admission: Legion Night (January 21st, 4-9 PM, DG)

Admission: Legion Night (January 21st, 4-9 PM, DG)


We're hosting another weekend Star Wars Legion event for all ages!

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Join us for Star Wars Legion in January!

No longer certain that one ever does win a war, I am -- Yoda, The Clone Wars

We'll be hosting another weekend Star Wars Legion Night at Fair Game Downers Grove on Saturday, January 21st from 4pm to 9pm. We'll be playing a custom scenario to serve as the finale to our year-long The Siege of Bacrana campaign. New and returning players are welcome!

Legion Night is an all-ages event. We will have a custom scenario available to play to close out The Siege of Bacrana, the narrative events we have been running in 2022. Each player should bring a 500 point Skirmish list, and may optionally bring enough models for an 800 point list. There are a limited number of seats available, so preregistration is important for this event.

To commemorate the completion of our narrative campaign, we will raffle off a Limited Edition Commander Luke Skywalker model!

If you're not already a member of the Fair Game Discord, jump on in and join the conversation. We talk about army lists and strategies, as well as coordinating games and discussing new releases.


The Siege of Bacrana

The Planet Bacrana lies at the intersection to two hyperspace lanes and serves as a pivotal sector in the ongoing galactic struggle. Your armies first landed here almost a year ago, disabling planetary defenses and moving on the capital. Finally, a battle was waged for Bacrana City, and after hours of blaster fire, the droid armies of the Separatists remained standing.

The local population did not retreat quietly, however. With the help of opposing forces, the Bacranan soldiers attempted to defend resources and fend off the invaders. Even the mayor attempted to flee. But still the metal grasp of the Separatist armies held strong.

Finally, a new opportunity appeared. A distress call from a rogue agent, Danya Del'Mora, came through comms. She claimed to have VITAL INTELLIGENCE that could "break Bacrana", and warring armies desperately jumped at the opportunity. After breaking through the city walls, it was the overwhelming firepower of the Empire that retained the mercenary.

What she revealed was drastic, indeed. She claimed a capital ship would soon arrive at Bacrana, equipped with a far-orbit weapon capable of leveling a city in a single blast. Should Bacrana City be destroyed so quickly and decisively, the efforts for control the planet would be for naught as it fell into disarray. Just as imperial officers discuss their skepticism at this news, sensors light up from nearby consoles. An unidentified capital ship, of unique design and painted black & gold, declines from hyperspace just a few minutes outside of Bacrana's orbit...

This month's scenario will include a loss condition for both players; you must prevent the destruction of Bacrana City at all costs!

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