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Review Admission - Ticket to Ride Around the World (July 20)

Admission - Ticket to Ride Around the World (July 20)

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We are hosting a Ticket to Ride Around the World event on Saturday, July 20 at our La Grange location!
Ticket to Ride is a fantastic game for just about all ages, and we have loved introducing the title to a new generation of board gamers. To celebrate our love for this train-laying, set-collecting game, we are hosting a Ticket to Ride Around the World event on Saturday, July 20 at our La Grange location. (We will also be giving away exclusive promos! Keep reading for more info.)

This event will feature many of the different expansion maps that Days of Wonder has released for the game. These maps include India, Switzerland, Asia, the UK, Africa, France, the Old West, and more! For those of you who have played Ticket to Ride before, this will be a great opportunity to try out new expansion maps you haven't seen before ... or to revisit your favorites.

For new players, we will be holding a new player/refresher course a half hour before the main event so that you can learn how to play the game before starting your journey. Let us know when you preregister if you will be participating in the learn to play/refresher course.

Here are more details about the event:

  Location: La Grange 
Date: Saturday, July 20, 2019
   New Player/Refresher Course: 4:30 PM
   Event Begins: 5:00 PM
   Entry Fee: $7 per player
    Ages: 10+ (Players 12 & under will need to sign up in tandem with a parent. Both participants will need their own registration and are expected to stay together for the duration of the event.)
We have limited seats so PREREGISTRATION IS VERY IMPORTANT. Please purchase this item or drop by the store to reserve your seat. Feel free to contact or (708) 937-9066 if you have any additional questions.

When you show up to the event, you will select your Ticket to determine which maps you will be playing during the course of the event. Come prepared to play two full games of Ticket to Ride.

Now let's talk about promos!!
Everyone who participates in the Ticket to Ride event will receive a custom train set for the game featuring semi-translucent purple trains (while supplies last)! This train set is a welcome addition to customize any version of Ticket to Ride (and to add a sixth player!)