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  • Fair Game Admission: Arkham Horror LCG Excelsior Hotel Event (July 16th, 5pm, LG)

Admission: Arkham Horror LCG Excelsior Hotel Event (July 16th, 5pm, LG)


There's been a murder! Help us solve the mystery and play through the Murder at the Excelsior Hotel scenario.

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Get to the Heart of the Mystery at our
Excelsior Hotel Arkham Horror LCG Event!

We will be hosting an Arkham Horror Living Card Game event on Saturday, July 16th at 5pm at Fair Game La Grange. Registration is required for this event.


What is the Arkham Horror
Living Card Game?

Arkham Horror is a supernatural 1920s monster mystery game where players work together to uncover the darkness and madness of alien beings invading our world. We love this game for its engrossing narrative and its combination of theme and mechanics. When you play Arkham, you often feel the tension of the story come to life.

In each game of Arkham Horror, you will play a scenario - usually one chapter out of a full story that spans several play sessions. Players take on the roles of unlikely heroes and everyday adventurers who are thrust into a reality-bending plotline. These characters are each represented by a customized deck that players build before the game begins. Players form a cooperative team to tackle the scenario, save the day, and leave with their sanity intact.


We will be running the Murder at the Excelsior Hotel scenario, widely regarded as one of the best standalone scenarios every published for the Arkham Horror Card Game.

Both new and experienced players are encouraged to participate! Players need to bring a standalone-legal deck, complete with weaknesses and any XP they would like to spend. If you are relatively new to the game, you are welcome to purchase a preconstructed Investigator Starter deck!

Players will be arranged into 3- or 4-person tables. Each participant will receive prizes at the end of the event, and the scenarios used during the event will be included amongst the prizes! Participants are welcome to talk strategy and organize groups on the Fair Game Discord in advance of the event

What if I already own a copy of Murder at the Excelsior Hotel?

If you already own a copy of the scenario, you do not need to bring it. The scenario will be provided, and the copies of the scenario will be added to the prize wall at the conclusion of the event.
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