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Review Chessex 7-Set Dice: Vortex - Snow Blue/Black 30029

Chessex 7-Set Dice: Vortex - Snow Blue/Black 30029

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Fair Game.
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The main reason for the Lab Dice™ is to be able to release a lot of colors into the market and use this sales information for which colors are the best to be later integrated into our normal dice ranges.

These new colors will only be available in polyhedral 7-die sets in the future. However, the first two releases will have Bags of 50™ in 16mm pipped d6s in very limited quantities. Although, if there is enough demand for the 16mm d6 pipped Bags of 50™ in these Lab Dice™ colors we may include them in the future.

Three of these colors have the Luminary™ Glow-in-the-Dark effect, which debuted earlier this year with the Luminary™ Sky. Festive™ Dahlia, Festive™ Flare and Nebula™ Nocturnal are all Luminary™. Additionally, two colors are blacklight reactive and look quite striking under a blacklight. They are the Festive™ Allusion and Festive™ Autumn.

Lab Dice™ colors may be made again as regular releases, or they may never be made again. Therefore, if someone likes a color they should act quickly or forever hold their peace.

Our first release of these will come in our regular crystals with blue caps instead of the usual black caps. This will help them stand out.