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Review Admission - Game Like a Girl Ghosts of Saltmarsh Wednesday Table

Admission - Game Like a Girl Ghosts of Saltmarsh Wednesday Table

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The adventure we started at Game Like a Girl last month continues!
Last month, we had a ton of fun at our Game Like a Girl: Dungeons & Dragons event! So much so that we will be continuing on our adventure over the next few months.
The adventure continues at Fair Game La Grange on these dates:
PREREGISTRATION IS VERY IMPORTANT! Each session has an entry fee of $5 which is then returned to players in the form of $5 store credit. You have the ability now to preregister for all sessions at once. To do so, please purchase this item (you can also drop by the store). The $30 entry fee will be refunded to you as store credit when you attend your first session.
We can provide pregenerated character sheets to all players, though if you wish to create your own character, you are welcome to bring one with you. Please make sure that you create a first-level character, and that you use the point-buy system or the standard array of base skills while creating your character. Please also note that players may not use any homebrew race/class options, nor content from the Unearthed Arcana publications. Any content officially published by Wizards of the Coast is Fair Game.