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Review Admission: Tales from the Yawning Portal - The Forge of Fury Part 2 (September 6)

Admission: Tales from the Yawning Portal - The Forge of Fury Part 2 (September 6)

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You're invited to join us for a casual Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition experience!

Adventure: The Forge of Fury Part 2 (You don't need to have joined us for the first part to join us for this adventure.)

Description: The Forge of Fury, written by Richard Baker and originally published in 2000, is designed for third level characters ready to take on the challenges of a ruined dwarven fortress. The Forge of Fury is tailored to provide increasingly tougher threats as the characters make their way through the fortress.

Location: Fair Game La Grange

Date: September 6, 2019

Time: 6:30 PM to 10 PM

Character Level: 4th Level

Difficulty: Both experienced players and new players are invited to join us for this event.

Ages: 18 & above

PREREGISTRATION FOR THIS EVENT IS VERY IMPORTANT. Please reserve for seats for each event by purchasing this item. The $5 entry fee will be refunded to you in the form of store credit when you attend the event. Please reach out to the store to inform of us any cancellations at least 24 hours before the event's scheduled start time.

The Tales from the Yawning Portal campaign book revisits "seven of the deadliest dungeons from the history of D&D, updated for the current edition of the game. Some are classics that have hosted an untold number of adventurers, while others are newer creations boldly staking their place in the pantheon of notable D&D adventures."

Fair Game La Grange is excited to host this series of adventures for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. Over the course of ten weeks, we will play through four of the book's adventures in a casual tabletop setting. The adventures below are open to players ages 18 and older.Please note that this table is not a part of the Adventurers League program.

The program is scheduled to run for 10 weeks. Participants are invited to preregister for as many or as few sessions as they like. Each session will be designed to accommodate "drop-ins" as they occur.

We will provide pregenerated character sheets to all players, though if you wish to create your own character, you are welcome to bring a character with you. Please make sure that the character is of the appropriate level for the session (you will find these in the event description below), and that you use the standard array of base skills while creating your character. Please also note that players may not use any homebrew race/class options, nor content from the Unearthed Arcana publications, nor the aarakocra race option. Any additional questions you may have regarding the construction of your character or about the table in general can be directed to