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Review Dust 1947: Mercenary Decimater/Shredder

Dust 1947: Mercenary Decimater/Shredder

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This kit includes parts to assemble both the Decimater and the Shredder, two walker units with different abilities that are able to be added to any Dust 1947 force.
Fair Game.
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With the recent renewal of fierce combats in the Middle-East, the Mercenary companies now have a ton of work! And there’s a lot of stuff just “laying around” from previous fights that just need a little work to be put back in use. Mercenary mechanics did a wonderful job and created war machines that even regular troops from all Blocs envy.

This reference allows you to assemble one of the two following variants:
– The Decimater is a dedicated support walker extremely efficient at conducting artillery fire. With powerful rapid firing guns it can engage light and heavy infantry, light vehicles and aircraft easily.
– The Shredder is a dedicated anti aircraft walker also extremely efficient against light and heavy infantry targets, very common in the Babylon theater. Its fast moving turret allows to stay on target or respond to new threats with great efficiency.

As with any Mercenary units, the Decimater and the Shredder can be attached to any force in Dust 1947. Please note that all weapons options are included in this box.

This reference comes with two Dust 1947 unit cards, one for each variant.