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Hand of Fate: Ordeals Royalty Expansion

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Fair Game.
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The more you ask of The Game the more it takes from you.

Stories pulled from your past. Great enemies you thought defeated. Relics from a bygone age. All of these things await you if you dare to face The Game again.


The Royalty expansion is an expansion for Hand of Fate: Ordeals which includes: 
• Miniature upgrades for the King of Dust, Plague and Scales. 
• 3 new Solo/Cooperative Campaigns with a wealth of new rules and gameplay. 
• 48 new Skill, Equipment and Relic cards to add to the game which include 3 new unique twists: Linger, Bargain and Multi-Archetype cards. 
• 17 new Encounter cards to add to your games, including the "Chance" mechanic which means your fate is never sealed. 
• 8 New Pain cards which react to enemies, and 10 new Curse cards that can cause you harm at inopportune moments. 

• 1 x King of Dust Miniature 
• 1 x King of Scale Miniature 
• 1 x King of Plague Miniature 
• 17 x Encounter Cards 
• 39 x Skill cards 
• 6 x Equipment cards 
• 3 x Relic cards 
• 8 x pain cards 
• 10 x curse cards 
• 4 x chance cards 
• 3 x enemy tokens 
• 18 x disease tokens 
• 1 x caravan book 
• 1 x rulebook