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Hand of Fate: Ordeals

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Fair Game.
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The Adventure Game of Life & Death

The deck-building adventure board game based on the critically acclaimed Hand of Fate videogame.

Hand of Fate: Ordeals is a tabletop game based on the multi-platform, storytelling deck-builder of the same name from Defiant Development. It is a competitive deck-building adventure game for 2 to 4 players. The game also comes with a cooperative 1 to 4 player campaign.

Each turn, players travel across the map, spending food, fighting minions, revealing encounters and acquiring new skills and equipment in hopes to become powerful enough to defeat the three tiers of Royals; the Jack, Queen, and King.

The road to fame and glory is a perilous one but often rewarding as every battle fought, equipment and skills acquired all contribute to player’s overall fame. Player who ultimately defeats the King Royal ends the game, but it is the player who has gained the most fame is deemed the victor in Hand of Fate: Ordeals.

• 1 x Central board 
• 4 x Adventurer miniatures 
• 1 x King of Skull miniature 
• 4 x player boards 
• 40 x food tokens 
• 30 x token shards 
• 32 x usage cubes 
• 8 x health/fame trackers 
• 4 x King tokens 
• 48 x encounter cards 
• 32 x minion cards 
• 20 x curse cards 
• 18 x pain cards 
• 14 x relic cards 
• 12 x royalty cards 
• 157 x dealer’s cards 
• 12 x quest cards 
• 12 x quest reward cards 
• 4 x curse tokens 
• 1 x time tracker 
• 1 x rulebook