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  • Fair Game Admission: Legion Night (June 25th, 5-9pm, DG)

Admission: Legion Night (June 25th, 5-9pm, DG)


Star Wars Legion returns to Downers Grove! See below for details.

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There is a disturbance in the force... I can sense it. We are playing Star Wars Legion on Saturday, June 25th, starting at 5pm. Preregistration is important for this event. We had our biggest event yet in May, and we expect upcoming Legion events to be very popular!


What is Legion?

Star Wars Legion is a fantastic miniature war game where 2 players lead armies from the iconic franchise in an exciting and tactical battle. We love Legion for its cinematic feel, easy-to-reference cards with relevant rules on them, and the rewarding strategy.

Players try to win by going after key objectives on the battlefield while hammering their foe with blaster fire. The narrative created on the board, combined with the satisfying hobby of building and painting your miniature soldiers, makes Legion a great game to get to the table again and again.


We have lots of newer Legion players in the Fair Game community, so this event will be designed to be accessible to new players. We ask everyone bring a 500 Point Skirmish list, and you may optionally bring additional models for an 800 point list.

This event will be the fourth in Fair Game's The Siege of Bacrana Campaign for 2022.  We will have several unique scenarios that folks can play.

If you're not already a member of the Fair Game Discord, jump on in and join the conversation. We will be talking army lists, strategies, and more in anticipation of the event.

Event Details

  1. Players should preregister for this event.
  2. Each player should bring a 500 point Skirmish list. Players may optionally bring enough models for an 800 point list.
  3. Players may bring a Battle Deck as described in the Rules Reference. If they do not, default scenario-friendly battle cards will be provided.
  4. Players will play through one of several scenarios. Each scenario will feature special objectives that may replace the regular objective cards from the battle deck. Details of the scenarios will be shared to the Fair Game Discord.

If you have any additional questions, reach out to us at [email protected]!

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