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Fair Game.
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It is a time of blood, of ritual, of war. Gods walk among the tribes, each hungering for the devotion that gives them form. Though the gods are many, only one will endure the ages above all others.

Mezo is an innovative game of area control for 2-4 players inspired by Mayan mythology. You will control a powerful god and it’s tribe of followers. These tribes will clash for dominance, build step pyramids, and make sacrifices all in the name of their god. Featuring massive god miniatures, each with vastly asymmetrical strategies, as well as numerous ways for you to achieve victory, Mezo is a unique take on the area control genre.

2-4 players
Ages 14+
90 minute play time

4 Champions
32 Warriors
32 Shamans
20 god action cards
4 god reference cards
4 god ring
6 champion rings
2 god reminder tokens
4 god miniatures
1 double-sided game board
4 tribe boards
4 VP markers
2 Desloate region markers
4 tribe tokens
24 glyphs
9 Wrathful god tiles
5 altar tokens
1 Blessed region token
4 devotion markers
6 conflict tiles
21 doublesided strength reminder tokens
12 action selection markers
12 tribes ability markers
1 Age dial
40 pyramid pieces