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Review Star Wars X-Wing Nov 24 Wave 1 Championship

Star Wars X-Wing Nov 24 Wave 1 Championship

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Fair Game is proud to announce the X-Wing Wave 1 Championship!

Here are all of the details:

Registration Begins: 2:30 PM
Dials Down: 3:00 PM
Tournament Organizer: Joshua Stechschulte

Cost: $10

PREREGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. We will cap the event at 16 players. 

The event will consist of 4 Swiss rounds with each round lasting 75 minutes. Players are to bring a single faction 200 point squad and the most recent FAQ will be used. If you have any questions on your squad or questions on any rulings please contact the store at 630-963-0640 or

Also, this event will be supported by not just the Wave Championship prizes from the Deluxe Wave kit but also the prizes from the thematic tournament (without the squad building restrictions!!!!)

The day of the event, players should plan to arrive at the store between 2:30 PM and 2:45 PM to turn in their squad sheets and then the first round (dials down) will begin promptly at 3:00 PM. There will be a short break between rounds.

This is going to be the first major 2.0 tournament so I can’t wait to see what people put on the table!


Each participant will receive an extended art Black Squadron Ace AND a double sided extended art double sided Bounty Hunter and Gray Squadron Bomber. Each player with 2 wins over the course of the tournament will earn an extended art R2-D2, and each player who goes undefeated in the 4 rounds of Swiss will earn a double sided plastic card with Black Squadron Ace on one side and R2-D2 on the other. The top prizes are:

Top 8 – a set of 3 metal charge tokens
Top 4 – an acrylic seismic charge device
Wave 1 Champion – a double sided plastic Bounty Hunter and Gray Squadron Bomber