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Theros Premium Package

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Premium Prerelease Package

We are always looking for ways to make prerelease events even better! With our Theros Beyond Death event, we will be offering a Premium Prerelease Package! This package provides additional accessories that will augment your time at the event. Your package can be purchased in store or in tandem with your event entry.

Each package is $15 and contains:
  • A package of 50 card sleeves to protect your prerelease deck.
  • A deckbox to store your deck and sideboard during the event.
  • A Field Notes notebook to keep track of your life total! These masterfully designed notebooks are the perfect size for use in Magic tournaments!
  • A pencil
  • Two six-sided dice for determining the starting player, adding +1/+1 counters to creatures, and tracking loyalty counters on planeswalkers.