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Games of Gathering

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  • By G. Carlson
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Games of Gathering

With the Holidays approaching quickly, we know folks are looking for ways to bond with family and friends - and have a little fun, too!

As we approach the end of the year, we all have holidays at the top of our minds. What to cook, where to meet, what gifts to buy (Fair Game can help with that, too!), and who we are going to see. Holidays are full of parties and gatherings with family and friends. But what exactly are we going to be doing at those parties? What if we don't just want to have football on all day at Thanksgiving?

What if we had something fun to do together?

Here are a handful of Fair Game's favorite, tried-and-tested games for groups of all ages.

The Fuzzies

The most adorable kind of tension, The Fuzzies tasks players with removing and adding poms from a precarious pom tower without knocking the tower over. Adding an additional layer, knocking a few poms off penalizes you with challenge cards. These cards impose restrictions on you, like covering one eye or using your non-dominant hand. Good luck - you must incorporate the challenge cards on your next turn!

2+ Players, Ages 6+, 5-20 minutes

Super Mega Lucky Box

Super Mega Lucky Box is a fantastic activity for large groups because it is simple to play, allowing folks to continue conversations, while having just enough to think about to keep people engaged. Each player has three 3x3 grids with 9 numbers on each. When a number is called, players may cross off one of that number from one of their grids. Crossing off all 3 numbers in a row or column gives you a bonus, and completing bonuses or crossing off all 9 numbers on a card earn you points. Only the luckiest will end up with the most points at the end of the game!

2-6 players, Ages 8+, 20 minutes

Kids Against Maturity

Looking to make your holiday party a little bit less serious? Kids Against Maturity is a great party game for all ages that pushes the envelope a little bit without going too far. On your turn, you draw a blue card with a fill-in-the-blank sentence. The rest of the group plays a white card from their hand with a goofy or random phrase to finish the sentence. You award the blue card to the best, most hilarious answer, and the person with the most blue cards at the end of the game wins! You're sure the get the whole group rolling with laughter with this one!

4+ players, Ages 10+, 30+ minutes

Beat That

If you're looking for a great group activity that doesn't require everyone to huddle around a table, Beat That is the perfect game for you! Beat That has players complete physical or dexterity challenges for points. Challenges include picking up dice with chopsticks, catching ping pong balls with plastic cups, and more! Adding another dimension to the game, players place bets on how likely they are to complete the challenge before attempting it. Beat That is an awesome group game that will get everyone out of their seats!

4-12 players, Ages 8+, 30 minutes


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