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Used Game Program


Fair Game's Used Game Program is Back!

We are accepting submissions for our used game program. This is an opportunity to give lightly used board games from your collection a new home, earning store credit. It is also an opportunity to find an amazing deal on some games!

For Sellers

If you wish to sell your games, you will have to complete this form for each item you wish to submit. The form has complete details on how the process works, so please review the information at the top of the form before submitting your games.

We will reach out to you within 1-3 days with an email response to your request. Please do not attempt to drop off your games before you receive this response. We reserve the right to refuse any submission for any reason.

At the end of the month, we will look at all games that have been purchased. If we sold your game during that month, you will receive 80% of the price in store credit.

Full details are available by clicking through the link below.
Submit Your Games Now!

For Shoppers

Starting this month, we will begin selling used games in store. You are invited to browse the collections at the Downers Grove and La Grange stores.

When you purchase a used game, you have 3 days to verify the condition and completion of the item. If the item does not match the condition/completion indicated when it was purchased, you can return the item to the store for a full refund. Note that these are the only terms under which you can return a used item.