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Private Events

Host Your Party at Fair Game!

Looking for an awesome idea for a party that is totally unique, tons of fun, and gets the group away from screens? Fair Game has the perfect thing for you!

We offer the Fair Game Party, an amazing event where your group can come into the store and have our upbeat staff teach and facilitate a variety of games for your group. 
A group gather around an exciting game of Catan

Basic Party Package


10 participants
90 minutes

Our basic Party Package accommodates 10 participants and lasts for 90 minutes. We can allow more participants or more time for an additional fee.

We also love tailoring our parties to your group’s interests! Want to have a Pokemon Card Game party? What about Magic the Gathering? We’ve also done miniature painting, strategy board games, and so much more!

Several young Pokemon players celebrate their favorite card game.

Pokemon Party Package


8 participants
90 minutes
Includes Party Favors

One of our most popular party packages is the Pokemon Party! So many kids have Pokemon Cards, but don't know how to play the game (and the game is a lot of fun!). We'll teach up to 8 participants how to play the game with their very own deck of Pokemon Cards, which they get to keep at the end of the party. Participants also get a goodie bag with stickers, posters, and more.

The dungeon master sets up a deadly enounter during a Dungeons and Dragons game.

D&D Party Package


6 participants
120 minutes

We also do private D&D parties! We have several trained Dungeon Masters as part of our Youth D&D program, and players of any experience level (included those who have never played before) are welcome.

Our optimal times for parties are weekdays at 4pm and Sundays after 5pm, and other times are sometimes available as well.

A few things to keep in mind:

Email us at [email protected] and schedule your party today!