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Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid

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Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid gives each player the chance to take the role of a Power Ranger, the heroes of Angel Grove who defend the earth against the evil Rita Repulsa and her nefarious minions. Each Ranger comes with a unique combat deck represen
Fair Game.
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Inside you will find everything you need in order to play Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid!

5 Ranger Figures, 5 Character Cards, 24 Foot Soldier Figures, 20 Foot Soldier Enemy Cards, 20 Foot Soldier Deployment Cards, 1 Boss Figure, 8 Boss Enemy Cards, 1 Boss Deployment Card, 4 Monster Figures, 32 Monster Enemy Cards, 4 Monster Deployment Cards, 50 Combat Cards, 1 Power Board, 6 Zord Cards, 1 Megazord Token, 5 Location Boards, 15 Energy Tokens, 12 Action Tokens, 20 Hit Tokens, 1 Lead Ranger Token, 4 Panic Tokens, 6 Combat Dice, 1 Power Marker and 1 Rulebook!