Fair Game's Used Games section features your gently used tabletop games at prices! We have Used Games Shelves at both our Downers Grove & La Grange locations!

Here are the the basics:

Used games are sold on a consignment basis. You complete a condition report about the game's condition and completeness, we will accept or reject the submission, you bring in the game and we will put it on display to sell. You get 80% of the sale price in store credit, which may be used toward the purchase of any product in our physical location. If your game doesn't sell within 60 days, we simply give it back to you.

Here are specific details:

- We accept used tabletop games (board and card). Roleplaying Games (books), Novels, toys, dice, miniatures, collectibles, and trading card games are currently not being accepted.

- A seller is limited to 5 items for sale in our Used Games section. Exceptions can be made, just ask.

- Within reason and at our discretion, the seller may sell a "set" of items as a single item (such as a game plus expansions). These items are packaged together, and presented and sold as a single item.

- The seller completes a USED GAME SUBMISSION FORM for each item sold. This is a digital form. The seller is expected to be honest about the condition of their item.

- If ever we receive too many used games, we will deactivate the Used game Submission Form. Once we have adequate shelf space, we will reopen the form.

- A Fair Game employee will respond to your Used Game Submission Form within 1-3 days. We reserve the right to reject any game submitted to the store for any reason (Our overall arching goal for this program is to have a section of gently used games that our community of supporters would be interested in purchasing at a great price). Once your submission has been accepted, you are able to bring in your used game to the store. PLEASE DO NOT BRING IN YOUR GAMES UNTIL YOU HAVE RECEIVED AN EMAIL CONFIRMATION FROM US.

- The seller determines a single asking price for the item. We sell the item at your price only; that price is non-negotiable and not subject to discount. We do not break up item sets. The minimum price for an item is $5.

- Once displayed, an item is given at least 60 days to sell. After that time, if the game has not sold, we will notify the seller and the seller will have 15 days to pick up their item. After this 15 day period, items are considered abandoned and we will dispose of them as such. Please contact us if you require extra time.

- Upon the sale of an item, the buyer is given 3 days to return the item if they do not agree with the Submission Form condition report. This is the only condition under which we will accept a Used Game return.

- At the end of the month in which the submitted game sells, the seller will receive a store credit for 80% of the sale price of the item. Fair Game will process all Sales Tax associated with the purchase. We will notify you when we credit your account.

- Fair Game has the right to refuse to accept any item due to demand, condition, appropriateness, existing copies already for sale, or for any other reason.

- A Used Game is sold on consignment and remains the property of the original owner until such time as it sells or is removed from circulation. Fair Game does not purchase used games for resale.

- Fair Game assumes responsibility for the care of item while in our possession.

- Fair Game reserves the right to move your game from one location to another while it is one our shelves.


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