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  • Ludicreations So You've Been Eaten - Retail Edition

So You've Been Eaten - Retail Edition


In this wildly innovative 2-player game, one player is the space miner looking for space crystals, which grow inside a large space monster. The other player is the monster's immune system, attempting to, ahem, remove... the invading miner.

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 Ages 14+  1-2 Players  30-60 minutes


This is one of the most unique and exciting 2-player games we've seen in awhile.

So, You've Been Eaten is an asymmetric game where one person is the space miner collecting space crystals. They grow inside the belly of a space monster. The other player is playing as the space monster's immune system, attempting to expel the miner.

This game is fascinating because what each player does is totally unique to them. The Miner is trying to solve a puzzle through their limited actions, and the Monster is laying out the puzzle in front of the miner, trying to trip them up. Because what each side does is so totally different, you have extra replayability as players switch sides and learn the game from the other perspective.

Description from the Publisher

In So, You've Been Eaten. The Miner and The Beast will face off against one another. 

The Miner earns points by collecting Crystals and the Beast earns points by developing Immune Responses and by its Bacteria attacking the Miner.

The game ends in a win for the Miner if they collect all 8 different Crystals, and the Beast wins by digesting the Miner after four Bacteria of the same type have attacked.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that the Miner will simply pass through the Beast’s system, and then the player with the most points wins!

So, You've Been Eaten. can be played as:

A game for 2 players, with a Miner player against a Beast player.
A game for 1 player, with the Miner player against a sleeping Beast.
A game for 1 player, with the Beast player against a robot Miner.
A game for 0 players, with a sleeping Beast against a robot Miner.


2 Double-Sided Boards
92 Cards
21 Cardboard Tokens
8 Acrylic Tokens
4 Wooden Tokens
3 Custom d6 Dice
2 Rulebooks
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