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Youth Dungeons and Dragons Program

Fair Game invites new and experienced players to join our Digital Youth Dungeons and Dragons program!

Fair Game's D&D tables, run remotely through the Zoom teleconferencing application, have been a wonderful method for kids to stay entertained! This program is ideal for kids ages 8-17 who want to learn how to play Dungeons and Dragons or who have played before and want to join in a new adventure.

We know that scheduling this summer is a special kind of chaos, and so we have worked hard to diversify our tables. We are now offering the following program structures:
  • A Nine-Week Season where players will play once or twice a week.
  • Adventure Camps where players will meet up for three sessions during a single week.
  • Side Quests where experienced players can join us for one-off adventures!

We have been hosting our Youth Dungeons and Dragons program since 2018. Young adventurers ages 8-17 who want to learn how to play Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition (or who have played before) meet weekly for a collaborative storytelling adventure.

Trained Fair Game staff members run tables of around 4-6 players who work together to play through an adventure specifically designed for younger adventurers. Each session usually lasts 2 hours.

The program has become immensely popular, providing kids with a way to exercise their creative, analytic, teamwork, and critical thinking skills in a fun environment. It has been a fantastic alternative to digital games, focusing on interpersonal collaboration and storytelling.

The program was initially hosted with in-person sessions, but moved to a completely digital format starting in March 2020. While we adapted the program out of necessity, we have found that the digital format as a number of advantages and we plan to continue the digital program even after in-person events resume in-store.

Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop role playing game. Players participate in collaborative storytelling, working together to describe the characters and events in a story as it unfolds. Usually these stories take place in a "high fantasy" setting, though there are also sometimes science fiction or modern day elements.

Each player creates and takes on the role of a character. They can become a noble fighter, a brilliant wizard, or a passionate cleric – there are tons of different options. Each character must work together with the other players at their table to overcome obstacles.

The Dungeon Master (the role taken by our staff members) is responsible for controlling those obstacles. Using both pre-written and improvised content, they will interpret the characters' actions on the narrative.

D&D is the perfect game for kids. It encourages creativity and problem solving, promotes teamwork and social skills, and most of all involves a lot of reading. (Seriously, we've seen kids who claim to "hate" reading get caught up in a rulebook for hours!)

During the program, players participate in an ongoing campaign that will develop over the course of the season. Each season consists of around 3-12 sessions hosted either once or twice a week. Each session is 2 hours long and hosted through the Zoom application.

Upcoming tables with available seats are listed below. Each table will list the name of the adventure, the days it meets up, the time it meets up, and the required age group. (We have two age groups, 8-13 and 14-17.) Participants may only sign up for each adventure once.

If you are unable to find a seat at one of the tables below (or if you have any additional questions), please reach out to us at [email protected] or hit the button below. We do our best to work with parents, and may be able to find your player a seat at the table even if we are not advertising any seats.

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