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3 Gifts for Board Game Lovers of All Kinds

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3 Gifts for Board Game Lovers of All Kinds

With the end of December fast approaching, the holiday shopping season is going full blast. We have already posted quite a few handy gift guides to help you out this year. But if you haven’t checked off everyone on your list yet, we have a few more great board game recommendations for you! This time, we have put together a list of three games that are both easy to get to the table, yet still have engaging gameplay. These games are perfect for just about anyone on your list because their rules make them accessible to just about any type of player. These titles feature some really innovative mechanics and also have enough depth to keep even your dedicated gaming group interested.

Trekking the World

One of our top sellers over the past few years, Trekking the World has players compete to be the most well-traveled across the globe. The magical thing about Trekking the World is how it manages to inspire a love of travel and sight-seeing from the dining room table. The exposure to other cultures through their national landmarks is also a plus!

In Trekking the World, players will collect cards as they plan their routes around the world map before spending those cards to visit famous world landmarks. Sites to visit include the Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, the Great Barrier Reef, and many more. You will not only earn points by visiting these places with the correct cards in hand; you also earn points by being the first person to travel along certain routes to pick up souvenirs. This means you cannot spend all game hoarding cards and planning the best path - someone will undoubtedly snatch up all the souvenirs first!

Nova Luna

If you know someone who loves "thinky" games or spatial puzzles, Nova Luna is an excellent choice! Nova Luna is a great abstract strategy game that will have you trying to earn points by collecting tiles from a central rondel. Using a clever time mechanic, players will move their token around the wheel, drafting the tile they stop on. The goal is to make chains of colored tiles to allow you to place your discs. You’ll need to be planning a few steps of ahead if you hope to succeed in Nova Luna.


In Calico, players are competing to not only sew the coziest looking quilt, but also use them to attract cats to snuggle on. While the picture of the sleeping cat on the box might suggest that this is a friendly gaming experience, it actually has a bit of a competitive edge to it. The gameplay in Calico has a smooth, almost zen-like simplicity to it: On your turn, play one of the two tiles in your hand to your quilt, and then draft a new tile. While that’s all there is to the turn structure, the decisions you need to make will definitely have trying to contemplate the best moves to make each turn. Scoring will be tight, so players will need to draft tiles that not only help themselves out, but also try and deny much needed colors or patterns to their opponents.


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