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Celebrate Earth Day with a Game

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  • By G. Carlson
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Celebrate Earth Day with a Game

Here are five of our favorite games to bring in the spirit of Earth Day!

Here are some of our favorite games to bring in the spirit of Earth Day! Try one of these out with your family and friends, and share your experience on social media by tagging us @fairgamestore.


Trekking the National Parks / Trekking the World

2-5 players | Ages 10+ | 60 min

One of our recent best-sellers, the Trekking titles build upon the foundation of Ticket to Ride with a few added elements. You will spend your turns either collecting cards that have a color and number, or spending those cards to move to a new location (either a national park in Trekking the National Parks or global landmark in Trekking the World).

When you arrive, you may be able to cash in your cards to gain the location’s points and other benefits. The choices of which cards to pick up, and whether to spend them to move or save them for locations, give the game an added level of strategy. 

Trekking the National Parks


Animal Upon Animal: Memory Stacking

2-4 Players | Ages 5+ | 15 min

Get our younger players involved in some Earth Day fun! Memory Stacking builds upon the original animal stacking game by combining a memory element with a 3D tower. Players take turns drawing discs with the image of an animal from a bag. They stack the discs in a tower, trying to match a set order and remember exactly which animal is where. But watch out for crocodiles! Drawing a crocodile disc will push another animal out of the stack and back into the bag. Oh, and try not to knock over the tower!



2-4 Players | Ages 13+ |45 min

Bosk is a beautiful strategy experience that brings nature to life! 

The game is played over four simple rounds two playing rounds and two scoring rounds. In spring and fall, you will place trees near paths for hikers to see and lay fallen leaves on the ground. In summer and winter, you will score points based on the placement of your trees and the most coverage of leaves. These aspects are all intertwined in a very clever web of strategy that will engage even the most casual of gamers. 

The gorgeous components are the cherry on top of a wonderful experience your friends and family are sure to enjoy!




2-4 Players | Ages 8+ | 30 min

Who can build the best reef for marine life to thrive? In this light strategy game, players take turns choosing a card from the center of the table. You build up your reef with the pieces shown on the top half of the card and score points if you have the exact formation of reef on the bottom half of the card. The pieces you add to your reef will also be different from the set you score, so you need to think a few turns ahead for maximum points. 

Play continues until all the reef pieces are used up; the player with the most points wins. Simple gameplay combines with brightly-colored reef pieces to bring the coral of the ocean to your home!



2-4 Players | Ages 8+ | 30 min

A Fair Game favorite, Planet combines the tile-laying of Kingdomino or Carcassonne with a tangible, 3D planet to call your own! Each player holds a dodecahedron, a 12-sided planet with magnetized sides. Players take turns choosing magnet tiles to add to their planet, creating large regions of mountains, deserts, oceans, forests, and tundras. The round concludes as different species of animals are awarded to the planet that best meet that animal’s requirements. For example, the largest desert area that touches a mountain area will score the Elephant, and the player with the most forest tiles in total receives the Panda. 

The game ends after 12 rounds, and the player with the most awarded species wins!


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