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Five Great Kids Games For The Whole Family!

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Five Great Kids Games For The Whole Family!

Looking for some fun for the whole family this summer? We have the perfect game recommendations for you!

Summer is here and as the kids are off of school for are a few months. It’s the perfect time to enjoy some quality time and family board games with them. If you are looking for a new experience, we’ve got a bunch of great recommendations for you this month.


Reverse Charades

I’m guessing you’ve played a game of Charades at some point in your life - this classic party game has been around for just about forever. Reverse Charades turns the concept on its head. Instead of one person acting out a clue and having the team guess, everyone acts out the clues and one person is the guesser. This simple twist helps breathe some new life into a game that just about anyone can enjoy.   

Learn more and get Reverse Charades here!


Rhino Hero

Rhino Hero is truly one of those games that’s fun for all ages. If you’ve ever built a house of cards, you’ve got the feeling of Rhino Hero. In this stacking game, players are taking turns placing thick cards onto the tower, and the cards determine extra effects like skipping a player, reversing the order of play, or moving the titular rhino meeple up the tower. The rules in this dexterity game are simple, but we come back to it again and again (especially for birthday parties!).

Learn more and get Rhino Hero here!


Dragon's Breath

Dragon’s Breath is a family game that not only has a great table presence, but also teaches kids counting and how to estimate something. Each round, players declare what color gem they will collect, and then the topmost ring is removed from the tower, causing gems to cascade down onto the field. Players then collect the gems of the color they chose. The first round, many young gamers simply choose their favorite color; by the third round, kids are out of their seat and examining the crystal tower to make the best possible predictions.

Learn more and get Dragon's Breath here!


Busy Busy Bake Shop

For families that like to win and lose as a group, Busy Busy Bake Shop fits the bill. This delicious looking game has players working together to match up 4 donuts in a row before the mouse runs off with 3 of them. The rules are easy enough that even players as young as 4 can pick this one up quickly: Roll the dice, choose a donut, make a match. It teaches kids collaborative decision making, counting, pattern recognition, and even fine motor skills!

Learn more and get Busy Busy Bake Shop here!


Race to the Treasure

One more option in the cooperative genre is Race to the Treasure. In this easy-to-learn game, players are drawing path tiles from the bag trying to make paths to the keys around the board. The catch is that they need to collect three keys before drawing too many ogres. The gameplay has a bit in common with Karuba Junior, where you are racing to create paths before drawing too many bad tiles. It’s a simple game, but it’s easy to get to the table and can be enjoyed by players as young as 3-4. 

Learn more and get Race to the Treasure here!


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