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Tabletop Gaming: The Perfect After-Dinner Activity

Tabletop Gaming: The Perfect After-Dinner Activity

Board games are the perfect after-dinner activity. The family is already gathered, usually around a table, so it’s a great opportunity to bond over board games... and it is good for your brain too!

We've all been there before. Dinner is finished; you are putting the last bit of leftovers in the fridge and wiping down the table. Someone inevitably looks up and says “Ok, what should we do now?” Sure, there are the usual things. Put on a TV show or movie. Let everyone go their own separate ways to scroll through their social media app of choice. But that doesn’t really help you connect with each other.

That’s where tabletop gaming comes in! Board games are the perfect after-dinner activity. The family is already gathered, usually around a table, so it’s a great opportunity to try out that new copy of Ticket to Ride if you are looking for something light, or maybe Catan if you want something a bit more interactive. But why gaming? What benefits does that have over other late evening activities?

Say you usually watch a TV show or movie after dinner. There is nothing wrong with occasionally crashing on the couch. Sometimes you want to just turn off your brain and enjoy a story. But it doesn’t help to connect with each other. However, with a tabletop game, you get a chance to interact, build social skills, and engage both sides of your brain. Perhaps you are in the mood for some teamwork. If so, you can break out that copy of Pandemic to save the world together. Or instead, you might be more inclined for some sneaking and backstabbing. A good game of Betrayal at House on the Hill could be just what you need.

As great as interaction is, that’s not the only benefit. There have been studies that screen time before bed can have a detrimental effect on your sleep cycles. Tabletop gaming lets you avoid that pitfall. Cards, a board, and maybe some dice are all you need. Let’s be honest, we all spend way too much time looking at screens in today’s society. A chance to unplug with a tabletop game can figuratively be just what the doctor ordered!  

Another nice thing is that games come in a variety of weights. As we mentioned earlier, sometimes you want to turn your brain off and not have to think too much. For those moments, a nice dexterity game like Rhino Hero or Catapult Feud lets you have fun without stressing people out. But maybe you are saying, “Hey, I want that mental challenge.” You’re in luck because there are options for that too! Puzzle-based games like Exit, The Initiative, or Unlock can not only be entertaining but really help you to think creatively!

Whether you play for camaraderie, engagement, or just a reason to unplug for a bit, tabletop gaming can be just what you need to wind down your day. So put down those screens, gather around the table, and have a great evening! And if you are looking for a new game to play with the family, be sure to stop into one of our two locations and our friendly staff will help find the perfect game for your family.


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